Riders need to complete at least one lap of the prologue course so their time can determine the starting order for the first day off road. The prologue qualifying will be held in each grade with Bronze going first then Silver and Gold.

The top 10 riders in each grade will be able to enter the finals. There will be three finals races: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

If riders do not complete one lap of the prologue course they will receive a 30 min penalty and will start at the rear of the field on day one.


All motorcycles will be scrutineered on Friday 20th at sign in from 3pm for their worthiness.

All motorcycles must have a working headlight, tail light, Spark arrestor and a fire extinguisher fitted.

All motorcycles will be expected to have a fuel range of a minimum of 55km.

Riders will be supplied with a race number for their bikes which must be fitted before scrutineering.


It is up to riders to get their own fuel to the main fuel dump each day. Use family friends or team up with other riders to make it easier.

Also riders will have to supply one full 20 litre fuel container each that we can take to the remote fuel stop for them each day. Riders will pass through the remote fuel stop twice and go to the main fuel/lunch stop once.

Directions will be supplied at the first riders briefing of the location of the main fuel check point.

Helpers and spectators will not be allowed to the remote fuel stop.


Each day will have an advanced paramedic and ambulance based at the main fuel stop. Out on the course there will be mobile first aiders on motorcycles and in vehicles.

Survival equipment

Riders are expected to carry the following equipment to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

Survival Kits will be checked at sign in and also throughout the event.


Each day riders will have to follow the course on their GPS and pass through check points

Failure to do this will incur time and exclusion penalties.

We will be very hard on speeding as there are many people out and about in the forest which can be very hazardous.