Entry details

Entry fee $350.00 per rider, This will include,

Water blasters available for use at the end of each day riding.

This event will be restricted to 100 entrants and there will be a minimum number of entries of 50 riders. If 50 riders is not achieved the event may be cancelled.

Riders with suitable motorcycles over the age of 16 are eligible to enter.

Riders aged 14-16 years may enter but can only enter in the teams class.

Entry forms

To register your interest in this event email Sean. Entry forms will be available on 15th August 2018

Entries Close

Entries close for the Husqvarna Hard Enduro on the 1st October 2018 or when the maximum entry of 100 riders is reached. For an entry after this time please apply in writing to the race director.

Force Majeure and Refund policy

In the event that the event has to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions or you cannot compete due to rider injury or any other factors the following refund policy will apply;

Refunds must be applied for in writing no later than 15th October 2018.